Friday, May 21, 2010

A new Cooking Channel coming to a TV near you.

Have you been seeing those ads for the new cooking channel? Confused about what it is and if you’ll be able to get it?

I was.

Turns out it is a part of the Food Network and it launches on Memorial Day. If you currently get the Fine Living Network on your TV service, you will find it replaced by this new channel. Best I can determine, FLN will simply fade away. I could be wrong on that subject though.

You can find more information on the Food Network's website.

I will miss some of the content on FLN but am looking forward to this new line up. I hope they stay away from Iron Chef and other reality contest programming. These were all right when there was just one of a kind but they’ve done it to death on the current Food Channel and it has become old and tired.

What are your thoughts on all this?

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