Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"A big delight in every bite!"

Finally, a food oriented contest that doesn't make you eat a particular food until you burst like a water balloon hitting concrete or stress out over the highly competitive preparation of a recipe! This one lets you creatively express your love for the iconic Hostess Cup Cake - you know, the one iced in chocolate with white squiggles.
Hostess is asking its fans to create your own original portrait of the Hostess Cup Cake, then upload it to their online gallery for judging. Five folks will each win a $1,000 cash prize and winning entries may be used to adorn Hostess delivery trucks throughout the country. Rules and entry procedures are fully explained on the Hostess website here. You can enter through 6/1/10.

Winners will be selected based on four criteria:
  1. Suitability for reproduction;
  2. Visibility of theme;
  3. Artistic expression;
  4. Creative interpretation of the Hostess Cup Cake image;

Celebrities are also getting in on this event by entering their masterpieces featuring the yummy cup cake for an online auction, profits of which will go to Free Arts NYC. You can see the works of your favorite celebs by checking out the site's celeb gallery.

Here's a little sampling:

This one is Rosie O'Donnell's creation.

Padma Lakshmi created this piece.

Jordin Sparks submitted this one.

Well, I'm off to try my hand at drawing cup cakes!!

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