Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's on the calendar this weekend?

It's been a really hot week here so I'm thinking we need to find something super refreshing to do this weekend.

The Banana Split Festival in Wilmington Ohio seems to fit that bill! The Banana Split was born in Wilmington in 1907. Come one, come all to hear great music, check out some awesome cars and crafts , play games, and, get this, Make-Your-Own-Banana-Split!!! Yep, a build-it-yourself booth!! Count me in!!

If you can take the heat, head on down to New Orleans to the Creole Tomato Festival at the French Market. As with all New Orleans' events, there's a parade! There will be singing dancing tomatoes, music you just can't help but dance to and so much more! Life-sized tomatoes will be handing out tomato-shaped fans and chefs can bid at an auction for the first tomatoes of the season. Oh yeah, there will be lots of cooking demonstrations on just how to turn these beautiful red globes into gastric delights.

Maybe your belly is crying out for true festival-style food, you know, fried stuff. In that case, head off to Potterville, Michigan to the 11th Annual Gizzard Fest. (Don't laugh until you've tried it!) Events there include a gizzard eating contest and a hot chick/rooster call, among the standard parade, tractor show and music.

Whatever you choose to do over the weekend - ENJOY


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