Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charley the Tuna - A DEADLY weapon !!!!

Whoa! Keep your eye on the fish. Careful. Be on guard.

On this day in 1999, Nicholas Vitalich and his girlfriend were involved in a bit of a domestic dispute outside a market in San Diego. He ended up smacking her with a large tuna. (Sorry, Charley. I'm sure it was none of your relatives.) Ultimately, he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. I was unable to find out the results of his hearing.

More memorable, is the 1992 event (on today's date), when Vice President Dan Quayle made history for correcting the spelling of the word "potato".

Who would have thought such a mundane veggie could derail a political career?

Just goes to show how important food is to the American public!

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